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Ways To Affiliate

At Stratos we have three unique channels that an advisor can choose to affiliate.


Many advisors find it easier to go independent as part of an established firm. You are able to enjoy true independence while benefiting from logistical support, lower startup costs, shared overhead and other economies of scale. With independence comes the ability to choose what channel best suits you and your clients needs


Under the HYBRID Channel an advisor must have a minimum of $50 million in advisory assets. With that you become eligible to affiliate directly with Stratos as your RIA and OSJ.

Benefits to this channel are:

  • Having access to the largest IBD as well as four other custodians.
  • LPL Financial
  • Fidelity
  • Schwab
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Pershing


Under the CORPORATE Channel an advisor with up to $50 million in advisory assets can affiliate with Stratos as your OSJ using LPL Financial as the corporate RIA.


This channel is for the advisor who runs his or her practice on a Fee Based only manner. If you have no FINRA Licenses, you can affiliate directly with Stratos as your RIA.

With all of the above channels every advisor will continue to have access to the 65+ home office employees who are here to support each Stratos advisor with all the services and resources necessary to grow your practice the way that best fits you and your clients needs.

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